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We want to get it right and are dedicated to that end. We listen and assess as though your issues were ours, not imposing our pre-formatted thought cycle onto your solutions. Your success is our success; we take pride in our work and our relationships.


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Social Marketing


Own Your Own Web

Content Management Systems

Search Engine Management

Email Marketing - Direct Mail Evolved




everyman media

We do not serve any one Philosophy

Your website should serve your specific needs - in addition to established media and marketing; a basic informational pamphlet of your services or goods; an outlet for an otherwise unheard point-of-view; or an interactive, cutting-edge tour of your product line. We are not beholden to any technologies or techniques, using methods befitting your company and its intentions.

When you understand the challenges of balancing brand, business, and consumer needs in a solution, the true depth of design is revealed. Not only is design’s value clarified, but the designer’s skill and expertise become evident.

Bright Eye Design works with you to develop whatever may be lacking in your online portfolio; be it full site production, redesign of an existing site, online marketing tools to fit your campaign needs, or a few simple graphics.

You expect no less from any other business vehicle, why start now.

Web Design & Development

Our web programming and code bank include the tools to get you where you want to go; such as CMS, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript, Site Search, Database Integration (Message Boards, Guest Books, E-Mailing Lists), ad nauseum. You can dream it, we can build it.

Internet Administration and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Information Architecture, Site Search Configuration, Content Syndication, Direct Mail, Brochures, Flyers, and Print Media.

Graphic Design and Production

Branding, Logo and Corporate Identity, Virtual Business Cards (easily distributable in CD format), Raster and Vector Graphics, Animated GIFs, and Banner Ads for web-based cross-marketing, Screensaver Production.